How is Report Builder for ArcGIS licensed?

The license is a term license and is per user. If you want five people in your organisation to be able to publish reports, you need five licenses.

Is there any limit to the number of reports I can publish?

No. The license entitles a user to publish as many reports as they like.

Are there any other requirements?

Each user will need a named user (Creator) for ArcGIS Online. The only other requirement is a modern web browser in order to build and view reports.

What data sources can I use for my report?

The data for your reports must be in ArcGIS feature layers. In ArcGIS you can publish layers from shapefiles, CSVs, spreadsheets, file geodatabases, etc. You can find more information here.

What kind of reports can I create?

You can create virtually any type of report. As long as you have a layer in ArcGIS with one or more features with attributes, you can create a report to display those attributes. The attributes can be numbers, text, links, etc… Report Builder does not care. The features can have a point, line or polygon geometry… again, Report Builder is happy with any of these. You have complete freedom over how the widgets are arrange on the page – you are not restricted to fixed templates – and a report can have as many pages as you like.

Is it possible to print or save a report as a PDF?

Yes. The reports are a print-friendly format. You can print a report using the normal print option in your web browser. To print as a PDF, simply select this option in your browser print settings.

Are reports accessible?

The reports have been designed with accessibility in mind. You can find more information here.

Can a report compare data for one area to another?

Yes. The widgets (charts, tables, etc) in a report are capable of displaying multiple features within the base layer for the report. They are also capable of displaying the features within the base layer to features stored in other layers, due to the ability in ArcGIS to have relationships between layers.

Can I apply the design for one report to another?

Yes. It is possible to export the design from one report an apply it to another. This can really help speed things up in situations where you want to create reports based on different layers but with a similar look and feel.

What should I do if I need help?

You should first see if you can find a solution using the documentation. If you are unable to do so, you can log a support case using My Esri. You will need to be an authorised caller to do this. If you are not an authorised caller, please speak with the My Esri administrator within your organisation.

Does Report Builder for ArcGIS work with ArcGIS Enterprise?

Report Builder can use data stored in either ArcGIS Online or Enterprise. For data stored in Enterprise, the services simply need to be referenced in ArcGIS Online, so that Report Builder can browse to them. The services must be ‘visible’ to Report Builder, which is hosted in the cloud i.e. they should not be referenced using internal URLs.

If you are using an InstantAtlas data catalog, this can reference services from ArcGIS Online, or Enterprise, or a mix.

The Report Builder app cannot currently be installed or otherwise deployed on-premise in an Enterprise environment, it exists as a cloud app only.

Why do I get an Access Denied error once I have signed in to Report Builder?

This can happen if you have limited the domains that can connect via Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). In your ArcGIS Online organization, go to Organization > Settings > Allow Origins and add this domain:

Make sure you enter this exactly as shown above, with no trailing slash.